Campaign Notebook: The Family Heads to the Polls

Today was a pretty big day around here. First, it was Fat Tuesday, which means Ellyn, Frances and I do our annual feast of cajun food, followed by a parade around the house with family and friends playing various instruments. In reality, this just making a lot of racket and having a good time, but its become a tradition over the years and its something that I look forward to as we begin the Lenten season.

It was also the first day of early voting at satellite locations. Ellyn and I always vote early. Most of the time there isn’t a line, and if there is its short. Also, I believe its important to take advantage of opportunities like early voting. For the first 10 years of my voting life I didn’t have it. I really appreciate the convenience of early voting, and want to take advantage of it to ensure it doesn’t get further curtailed in the future.

Yesterday after work, Ellyn, Frances and I met at Mississippi Blvd. Church to do our civic duty. We checked in with the polling officials and Frances proudly announced that we were here to vote for her daddy. Frances and I went to one of the machines to vote. She wanted to see my name on the ballot.

It was pretty neat holding her in my arms so she could see the voting screen and showing her my name on the ballot. She looked up at me, pointed at the screen and said, “That’s my Steve-o”. I reached out, touched the screen, and finished voting.

The poll workers gave Frances some “I voted” stickers and we made our way home to start on our feast.

Afterwards, we got out some instruments and started getting ready for our parade. We were joined by Auntie and Dave-o (all the guys have names that end in “O” around here except uncle). We had a great time.

Looks like I may have a budding trumpet player on my hands here. Watch out Memphis Horns, once Frances gets big enough to handle that big ole trumpet, I think we can give you a run for your money. :-)

Early voting continues through February 28th at these locations. Get out and exercise your right to vote.

View Early Voting – 3/6/12 in a larger map

Note:Ellyn took all the pictures. We’ve got to find someone else for that duty so she can be included in future photos.